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Being able to lose weight in a safe and effective way is in everyone’s interest and thus the reason why you need knowledge on the best diet supplements. Apart from regular exercise and a healthy diet plan you need to also look for the best weight loss pills that actually help you lose extra weight and also come with no side effects. The FDA regulates dietary supplements but treats them as foods and not medications. They normally work as an additional tool to a weight loss program. Generally, there are so many well rated programs to lose weight (I found this site while browsing for best weight loss programs) that come out yearly and we tend to lose track of what works and what doesn’t and what is safe and what is not. Some of the basic things you need to know about weight loss supplements are as highlighted:

  • When buying they are labeled dietary supplements.
  • They supplement the food we eat.
  • They contain one or more dietary ingredient.
  • They come in capsule, pill, tablet or liquid form


Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Diet Supplement

There is so much confusing information out there and learning about vitamins and supplements helps you make better choices in terms of what is right for you. Finding the right weight loss pill is not only challenging but can also be very time consuming. Apart from all the misconception regarding losing weight and pills, the truth is that there are actually those which work. The only big task is in separating the quality supplements from the rest. Before you decide to go for a specific diet pill make sure that you talk to your doctor first. Some of the factors to consider before you start using a specific diet pill or supplement are as below:

  • You need to be sure of any existing health condition like diabetes, heart diseases that could be enhanced by the chosen diet pill.
  • A person also researches on its effectiveness when it comes to losing weight fast.
  • Safety is also of essence, so make sure that whatever diet supplement you choose it should not compromise your general health. According to research there are some supplements that support overall health.
  • Check for any reasons for an allergic reaction by looking at the ingredients on the label.
  • Determine whether the diet pill has any side effects and whether your body will be able to handle them.
  • If pregnant or nursing a baby check with your doctor first.

Best Supplements 2016

Let us therefore look at the best diet pills in 2016 and reasons why they stand out among other supplements.

  • Garcinia Cambogia extract: Garcinia cambogia in itself is a pumpkin shaped, small, green fruit. Its skin contains hydroxycitric acid and is the main ingredient for the supplement. It is believed to work by inhibiting a fat-producing enzyme and also increases serotonin levels that help in reducing cravings. It has no serious side effects but some claim mild digestive problems.
  • Phen375: it has been around for some time but still stood out in 2016 as the most popular weight loss supplements. It has a number of ingredients that enhance weight loss like caffeine and some plant extracts. Its use allows for 9.5kg weight loss over a period of 3 months. Also phen375 has been approved by FDA. You must go through the reviews (I am linking to this site since she is a certified nutritionist) written by certified nutritionist before choosing this weight loss pill.
  • Raspberry ketones: it is another effective 2016 supplement and is found in raspberries. It works by increasing the breaking down of fat and also known to increase levels of adiponectin a hormone linked to weight loss. Its major side effect is the fact that it makes your burp smell like raspberries.
  • Green tea extract: this also makes for a popular weight loss supplement. It contains an antioxidant known as EGCG that allows for fat burning and also increases the functioning of norepinephine a hormone that aids fat burning. It is therefore very essential for those looking to reduce belly fat.
  • HCG Complex: According to worlds popular HCG drops site, hCG comple is the most popular weight loss drops in weight loss industry. These drops can take your weight from 100’s to 50’s in just few months. There are many other brands available in hcg rops. Make sure to buy these drops by reading reviews (I found this site for hcg complex reviews) written by trusted sites.
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